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Simply the best of arcade

It is the very best of new generation arcade machines. Equipped with a magnificent certified lag free (no latency) Full HD professional monitor, as well as a 4 loudspeaker stereo system, the Vizion takes you further into an extraordinary gaming experience. Its performance level answers to the greatest standards demanded by the biggest international gamers. The Vizion lets you play seated, single or multiplayer in the greatest comfort. It is the embodiment of arcade in a sharp and modern design.

Thanks to the Arcade Box, you can access up to 8000 games, but you can also opt for compatibility to new generation consoles, such as PS4, Xbox ONE, PS3, Xbox 360 (systems and games not included).

Customization to make your machine unique.

Choose the colours of the buttons, joysticks, sides, and select your technical options to make your very own arcade machine on demand!

Customize this model

The models from NEO LEGEND’s collection

Pick your machine amongst the models from NEO LEGEND’s collection. We offer you a variety of ready-made and decorated machines, which we have prepared for you, with the help of gamers and graphic designers.

Pre-equipped and pre-decorated models

Technical Specifications

Pro monitor « wideview » 178° viewing angle.
32 inches (82 cm diagonally) – Format 16/9.
1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution - « lag free » ( no latency ).
High contrast & brightness / “Pixel Match Technology”.
DVI & VGA inputs.
PC, Mac et ARCADE BOX compatible.
2 x 8 Sanwa Denshi 30 mm gaming buttons,
1 million de clicks guaranteed.
2 Sanwa Denshi JLF TP 8YT joysticks,
adjustable in 8 or 4 ways.
2 x 35 mm Sanwa Denshi balltops.
4 Sanwa Denshi 24 mm control buttons,
1 million de clicks guaranteed.
2 Sanwa Denshi 24 mm start buttons.
1 million de clicks guaranteed.
Metal panel with high quality acrylic coating.
Metal structure with black Epoxy finish.
Streamlined V-Shape in ABS plastic.
Made in plexiglass 4 mm.
Potentiometer volume setting accessible at the control panel.
4 loudspeakers 10 cm in diameter.
Dual integrated stereo amplifier 25 watts.
« Smart Connect » integrated in the control panel.
With 3 USB ports –in & out microphone and headphone mini jack 3,5 mm.
Mechanical coin tokens with NL coins (20 included).
compatible PC/ARCADE BOX/PCB jamma.
Silent exhaust fan 120 mm / 12 volts.
White LEDs for marquee backlight.
Input current 220 volts 250 watts consumption without games system.
ON/OFF switch with fuse protection "safe protect".
Power Cable 1 m 80.
5 access locks with 2 keys supplied.
2 plastic handles for carrying at the back.
4 wheels for transport at the back and 2 mounting feet adjustable on the front.
CE certified.
Removable and foldable panel for delivery 55 cm (P).
160 cm (H), 80 cm (L), 81 cm (P) – 125 Kg.

"Very friendly staff, very detailed answers to great work, true enthusiasts of arcade and pure retro-gaming"

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All of NEO LEGEND’s products are covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee. Our machines have a 1-year guarantee for parts and labour in France and the rest of the world. For true peace of mind, you can also choose to extend the guarantee to 3 or 5 years.

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We deliver our machines to you throughout the world, once we have arranged a delivery date with you.


You can fit your machine with various options: from the colour of the buttons to the choice of a change machine, even the decoration. Completely personalize your arcade machine! In order to do this, you can make your selection in the options menu, under the "personalize" button of the desired model.


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The whole NEO LEGEND experience is reflected in the design of original products, inspired by legendary models revisited with passion. Whilst respecting the codes of the period, our machines contain the best current technology. Designed and assembled in our workshop in France, our products are of the highest quality, reliable and contemporary.

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