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Neo Legend x BlaBlaCar

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The Vizion Arcade settles at BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar, the world leader platform in community carpool, with 70 million users in 2019. Their business promotes mutual help and cooperation between people.

BlaBlaCar equipped its reception room with a Vizion Arcade. This model is equipped with the best of current technology, the Vizion takes you even further in an out of the ordinary gaming experience. Its level of performance meets the new standards demanded by the biggest international players. The Vizion allows you to play sitting, alone or in pairs, with maximum comfort.

Playing on our arcade is also sharing with other users and employees of the company. User-friendliness is therefore in the spotlight with the installation of this next-gen arcade terminal, with an unparalleled level of finish.

Perfect for the break room !!

BlaBlaCar 1

BlaBlaCar 2

BlaBlaCar 3

If you’re looking for our arcade models, we invite you to visit our site (here). Moreover, you can customize your arcade machine according to your tastes and your imagination.

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