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Why integrate video games into a business?

Playing video games in a company funny?

On the contrary, the benefits of video games in business are numerous and we will prove it to you! Like the practice of sport in the workplace, the gaming terminal in a company strengthens ties and unites employees around a common activity. Video games can have many uses in business. In particular, it helps motivate employees, unites them around a passion, a goal but also to relax and allow them to let go before returning to work.

Promote team cohesion

Bringing together the individuals of a work team is not enough to make you feel part of that group. We must humanize it, animate it! This feeling will then translate into a desire to cooperate with the other members, to do one’s best to keep “one’s place” within the group.

The concept of a team aims to bring together people who are sometimes very different around a common activity, a goal, in order to share their experiences, expertise and skills. Individuals in business are easily ruled by the appearance of differences (age, gender, lifestyle, etc.). Team building is an opportunity for everyone to observe each other and find points of contact around which to unite.

Organize a team building around retro gaming

A team building around retro gaming helps to inhibit generational prejudices and above all to bring people together around a common interest. Who doesn’t like to play? Even more when it comes to retro gaming.

In companies where generational differences are great, offering to bring your employees together around retro video games is a great way to reduce divisions. By organizing a retro gaming day, you can offer multiple activities around video games.

The enthusiasts will be able to share their knowledge, bring the mythical game of their childhood which will undoubtedly create exchanges.

During a team building on the retro gaming theme, you can offer, for example, a competition on arcade terminals, a good common thread for this day.

The team building arcade terminal has many advantages, in particular it allows:

-Spend time during breaks;

-Challenge yourself vis-à-vis others;

-Talk to ask for help or advice

-The object itself is intriguing and makes you want to try.

Create a corporate culture around the game

After the times of restructuring, doubts and tensions of the 1970s, researchers began to take an interest in corporate culture. A powerful management tool capable of overcoming the shortcomings of traditional or even “severe” doctrines of the company. The importance of corporate culture is no longer to be proven, but its form is still evolving today and still needs to be renewed.

Today, the corporate culture is lived above all. Consider that it is about the functioning and the identity of a company, its uniqueness. A corporate culture takes on meaning in everyone’s commitment.

Companies with a strong culture will be seen as creative, responsive and innovative. Corporate video games are the perfect opportunity to strengthen the team. He can even modify it, offer it its best version. We no longer think only of our work as an individual, we come to think of the group, to communicate with it. Isn’t this what makes people move forward, especially within a company with a strong corporate culture?

Why choose the arcade terminal in business?

Innovative, current, multigenerational, the NEO LEGEND kiosk can be personalized to suit your needs! The arcade terminal in the rest room, the arcade terminal in the living space … will bring your employees together and strengthen your corporate culture. Since 2007, NEO LEGEND has been the essential new generation “Arcade Gaming” reference for individuals and professionals.

Our mission is to support companies and planners in their workspace revolution. Our goal: “To optimize the principles of cohesion and efficiency through retro gaming”. You already have the table football, the ping pong table … all you need is the new generation arcade terminal! For moments of pause, to let go or to refocus: the arcade terminal is the ideal object.

Alone or with others, it is a design object that is suitable for everyone whether you are passionate or simple amateur. For each problem, a solution! The terminals are available for sale or rental. So why not equip your living spaces with an arcade terminal?

Games and Business.

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