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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s launch with MSI and Bandaï :

Alongside MSI France and Bandaï Namco, we made a special custom for the launching of Dragon Ball FighterZ !

Planned by Bandaï Namco France, a launch party for Dragon Ball has been set at the Sevens Spirits (Paris). The area was fully reviewed with Dragon Ball’s decorations.


In order to express that long wait into epic fights, a lot of devices were at our disposal. Apart Playstations and Xbox, our special Dragon Ball arcade machine was there.
The « Classic » was customized according to the party too : challengers could choose either the orange side with San Goku or blue side with Vegeta.


On the hardware side, the game works on the MSI‘s Aegis 033 EU :

  • CPU : Intel Core i5 – 6400, 2.7 GHz
  • RAM : 16 GB
  • GPU : GTX 1070 Armor. DDR5 8GB
  • OS : Windows 10

Furthermore, she is geared with our “LagFree” Full HD monitor, for a perfect gameplay. The best teammate you can get for the biggest tournaments : Dragon Ball FighterZ will establish himself as a key game of the VersusFighting.

Eventually, the party was over and we brought back the machine :

We could not help testing the game ourselves. The MSI computer along our professional monitor details every single pixel with a perfect fluidity : Dragon Ball FighterZ is visually breathtaking, making players feel like their own characters. The most beautiful tribute Bandai Namco could give to fans.

About the game itself, we all thought it was “Noob Friendly”. Even when pressing all the buttons like a real beginner, fights are smooth and enjoyable.
Likewise, experienced players are not put aside. The game contains a tons of different characters combinations and combos making. It is certain that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be the must-have for every VersusFighting players, fed up with Street Fighter or Tekken.

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