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Neo Legend, ARTtitude and Marcos Cabrera !

Marcos Cabrera paint an arcade kiosk for Neo Legend !


The Spanish artist Marcos Cabrera is known for his talent as a “street artist”. He designed skateboard boards and other items, including a CLASSIC arcade for Neo Legend! A first for him, although his green monster has already been seen!

However the arcades correspond well to the style of this artist marked by the trend “retro” just as we are! For example sneakers, skateboards, and video games that correspond to childhood 80/90 generations are supports that inspire him. Where fashion, art and entertainment intersect.


Member of the collective ARTtitude as other artists who have collaborated with us, it is however the only one to have painted our arcade poska in a single day while being filmed. Thus, the painter knew how to realize a challenge with an incredible video rendering! Finally, look at this timelapse for the pleasure of your eyes!

Timelapse, Marcos Cabrera paint a CLASSIC arcade kiosk:

Neo Legend Timelapse – Marcos Cabrera

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Publiée par ARTtitude sur Dimanche 10 décembre 2017


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