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Neo legend x Hand in Glove

Romain Pareja partners with Neo Legend

Romain Pareja, a devoted artist with a passion for graphic art and tattooing, starts tattoos at the age of 26. After working with the prestigious Tin-Tin team, he decided to open his own tattoo studio in the 11th district: Hand in Glove Tattoo. Neo Legend called him to create a tattoo-themed collection. The purpose of this collaboration is to combine tattoo and retro style for a limited series and a unique concept.

Romain Pareja has illustrated two main themes among his favorites: A cobra in white or black versions and dotted style skulls. You can find his exceptional drawings on our different arcade models:

hand in glove classic arcade

hand in glove compact arcadehand in glove classic arcade hand in glove compact arcade

Would you like to know more about the arcades at Hand in Glove Tattoo ? Discover all our products on our site (here) and order your custom model ! You can choose to customize your own arcade according to your own tastes and imagination.

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