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Neo Legend x Illucity

Bornes d’arcade|

Illucity at the top of the illusion team up with Neo Legend

Illucity is the first virtual reality adventure park in France.

It’s a permanent space, an adventure park that focuses on the best virtual reality experiences. This unique playground in France offers a variety of immersive adventures that cater to all. Entertainment enters another dimension, that of illusion. With VR technology (helmet, controllers, backpack, rifle, haptics), your senses will be challenged, your emotions will be heightened and you will no longer make the difference between dream and reality.

Illucity wanted to equip its break room with several of our arcade terminals. In fact, before your game session in VR rooms, you can start the experience by playing on one of our Classic and Vizion arcade terminals.

You can find in the break room:

Illucity room


Vizion Arcade

If you want to discover the other arcade models that we offer, you can visit our site (here).

You can rent our arcade machines for your events such as trade shows, birthdays, seminars… Whether it’s for a short or a long term rental, we offer packages tailored to your needs. For more information, we invite you to visit here.

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