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Neo Legend x Nasty

Bornes d’arcade, Partenariat|

The story of Nasty begins in 1988.


He distinguished himself by covering metro trains with colorful graffiti until the mid ’90s.

Later requested by the artistic world, which proposes him to leave the street and express himself on other mediums. He then seizes the enamelled plates of the metro and uses them as canvases.
This will become his trademark.

Other original supports will renew interest among institutions and the public. His desire to defend the origins of graffiti and a work that favours writing in all its forms makes Nasty an authentic and unexpected artist.

In the ’80s, Nasty experienced the golden era of graffiti as well as that of video games, and was as passionate about the high score of Shinobi, Marble Madness or PacMan in the smoke-filled arcade rooms, as for his nocturnal sessions in the Parisian metro tunnels.

 Nasty 1                          Nasty 2

Nasty takes hold of NEO LEGEND’s arcade machines

He creates a bridge between the most authentic golden age of video games and graffiti, giving an artistic and out of time dimension to a collection of cult objects.

This collaboration presents 3 strong themes from the street artist using different approaches on 5 products of our range.

A new finishing technique is used which applies glossy highlights on certain elements of the artworks to give a freshly handmade appearance. The switches are specially customized with patterns made by Nasty.
The cabinets are equipped with the Arkador system including 1300 mythical games from the ’80s & ’90s while the table contains 60 essential titles from the 1980s.


Spray Fighter

The mythical Krylon spray paint, reminiscent of the first hours of New York graffiti, completely reworked in a textured environment of different layers and splashes of paint.

Spray Fighter

Mortal Kolors

An accumulation of different graffiti lettering composed on top of Parisian metro panels and plans, Nasty’s favorite media, giving way to color on the immaculate surfaces of our subway.

Mortal Kolors

The Game Is Never Over

The typical tag made with the “Fat Cap”, the spray paint cap used to sign with a recognizable thick line, on an abstract background presented in 4 different color temperatures.

The Game Is Never Over


Classic Arcade

Classic Arcade 1 Classic Arcade 2

Mini Arcade

Mini Arcade 1
Mini Arcade 2
Compact Arcade
Compact Arcade 1
Compact Arcade 2
Pocket Arcade
Pocket Arcade 1Pocket Arcade 2
Table 80s
Table 80s 1 Table 80s 2

If you are interested in Nasty models, you can go directly to our website (here). Moreover, it’s possible to customize its own terminal according to your tastes and imagination, just go right here.

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