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The Neo Vintage is here !

Neo Legend announces the arrival of its new arcade machine: the Neo Vintage

One more model that is added to our catalog! The “Neo Vintage” has a luxurious finish of choice, wood, automotive lacquer and brushed aluminum parts, all equipped with a powerful “wide sound” Bluetooth stereo sound system prepared by La Boite Concept. This amplifies the sound of arcade games as well as the music playlist of your smartphone. It‘s therefore a versatile device, ideal for parties with your friends. The machine is only available on order.

Would you like to receive your “Neo Vintage” or have some additional information? For this, simply send us an email to the following address: info@neo-legend.com.

 Neo Vintage

Street fighter II


Musique & song

Other models may also interest you. Come to discover them on our site (here) and order your custom arcade terminal!

In fact, you can choose to customize your own arcade according to your taste and imagination.

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