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The pocket arcade to the image of Denver, the last dinosaur

Small reminder for those who have a short memory … But who is Denver : the las dinosaur ?

Denver, the last dinosaur is a 52-episode American TV series created by Peter Keefe in the 1990s. This cartoon follows the adventures of Denver, an unusual dinosaur who loves guitar and skateboarding. Denver is under the threat of a big villain in the name of Morton Fizzback who tries to capture him. He can rest on the support of his human friends ready to do anything to help and hide him.


Return to our childhood thanks to our collaboration with Dansleau pop culture boutique

Neo Legend is partnering with the Dansleau boutique to design a Pocket Arcade. This model is in the colors of the famous dinosaur of the 90s. The Pocket arcade is perfect to stand on a desk and enjoy crazy parties with friends.

Pocket arcadeDenver borne

If you want to order your Denver arcade, the last dinosaur, you can go directly to the site of our partner Dansleau (here).

Moreover, if you want to customize your own arcade according to your tastes and your imagination you can visit our site (here).

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