Arcade 2.0

Previously reserved for a professional clientele, arcade machines are now available to all, thanks to Neo Legend.

Our collection, reminiscent of the past, propels the arcade machine into the future by equipping it with the most modern technologies, for the great enjoyment of gamers and enthusiasts.

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At the beginning of video games, there was the arcade ! Accessible, easy to control and competitive, they were showcased in machines that led to so many fast-paced, exciting and fun games.

Today, we give you access to the golden age of video games in its entirety as well as its heritage.


Uncompromising quality

Neo Legend arcade machines are exceptional products that meet the specifications of strict quality control.

Our products are handcrafted in France with the highest quality components from specialized suppliers. The attention to detail in their manufacture makes them high-quality products with professional reliability.

Made in France

Design &

The whole NEO LEGEND experience is reflected in the design of our original products. Inspired by legendary models, we revisit them with passion and careful design turning them into authentic products with a contemporary look, respecting the codes of the arcade period.

Their updated design also allows them to be fully decorated and customized.

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They talk
from us :
  • “I just fulfilled the dream of my life: offering myself an arcade machine.” Bertrand AMAR issue of Coca Cola GAMING ZONE.
  • “Neo Legend, a company that reignites your childhood through arcade machines !” GAMIX issue for MCM
  • “Size, colors, decorations, gaming system, joystick, buttons... In short, customize the arcade machine of your dreams.” GOLEM 13
  • “By diverting their original vintage universe, they have become the market specialists, and emerged as the reference in this area.”
  • “Their objective: to exceed retro gaming, and perhaps imagine the aesthetic of the future arcade cabinets.” AMUSEMENT Magazine
  • “NEO LEGEND, an ingenious name for a vendor of dreams from our past.” Console +
  • “ For the arcade enthusiasts, there is still an Eldorado: NEO LEGEND.” Micro Hebdo
  • “What do they sell? Legendary machines!” Pix’n Lov magazine
  • Warranty
    All of NEO LEGEND’s products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Our machines have a 1-year warranty for parts and labour in France and the rest of the world. For true peace of mind, you can also choose to extend the warranty, as well as getting professional maintenance packages.
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  • Payment
    Nous vous proposons différents moyens de paiement en ligne pour une transaction 100% sécurisée ainsi qu'un paiement en 3 ou 4 fois sans frais.
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  • International Shipping
    We deliver your machine in France and around the world, and together we choose a delivery date.
    We deliver safely our machines to you throughout the world, and we arrange a precise delivery date with you.
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