The authentic arcade machine reinvented

CLASSIC ARCADE, the vintage spirit game terminal

The authentic arcade machine reinvented

Rediscover the thrills of the authentic golden era of video games, thanks to its iconic arcade cabinet design, modernized to today’s standards. High quality components with outstanding level of finish, guarantees the purest arcade experience

  1. Equipped with a professional 24” FHD monitor with Pixel Match technology
  2. Powerful stereo audio with subwoofer, front volume control and headphone jack
  3. Professional quality Japanese joysticks and buttons [8 buttons per player]
  4. Durable stainless steel control panel with hand-made silk screen prints
  5. Vintage inspired cabinet design with backlit Old School Marquee
  6. USB ports for additional controllers
  7. Coin acceptor for Neo Credits or real currency, just like in the arcade rooms
  8. Choose between one of our high performance game systems and console compatibility [ XBox One / PS4 ]

Neo Legend’s collections

We offer a wide range of pre-configured and special edition products designed with well-known artists and gamers.

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Create your own arcade machine with our customisation service. You will find many more decorations, buttons, joysticks and hardware options. You can even commission your personalized design.

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Technical specifications
  • Pro monitor « wideview » 178° viewing angle.
  • 24 inches (61 cm diagonally) – Format 16/9.
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution (no latency).
  • “Pixel Match Technology Lag Free”.
  • DVI & VGA inputs.
  • Dual integrated stereo amplifier 25 watts.
  • 2 loudspeakers 10 cm in diameter
  • 1 Subwoofer 20 cm in diameter
  • Potentiometer volume setting accessible at the control panel « Smart Connect » integrated in the control panel.
  • With 3 USB ports –in & out microphone and headphone mini jack 3,5 mm.
  • Mechanical coin tokens with NL coins (20 included).
  • Silent exhaust fan 120 mm / 12 volts.
  • 8 Watts White Neon Ligh 3400K.
  • 2 ON/OFF switches with fuse protection "safe protect" (inside and outside).
  • Input current 240 volts 50-60Hz, voltage on demand 200 watts consumption without games system.
  • Nominal output courant : 3.42A (65W) / 4.74A (90W)
  • Nominal output voltage : 19V (CC)
  • CE certified
  • Power Cable with a 1m80 length
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  • Markless metal panel with high quality serigraphy
  • White serigraphy for the controllers’ pattern.
  • Melamine wood structure.
  • Original “T-molding” rubber 19 mm.
  • Old School “Marquee” (4mm).
  • Parsol bronze tinted glass 4 mm to a better contrast and a better reflects management.
  • 3 access locks with 2 keys supplied.
  • 4 plastic handles for carrying (2 at the back and 2 below).
  • 2 wheels for transport at the back.
  • 2 mounting feet adjustable on the front.
  • 175 cm (H). 64 cm (L), 79.5 cm (P)
  • 90 Kg
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  • ) 2 x 8 Sanwa Denshi OBSF/C 30, or Seimitsu PS14 KN. 30 mm gaming buttons, 1 million clicks guaranteed, high quality.
  • 2 Sanwa Denshi JLF TP 8YT joysticks or Seimitsu LS32-01, adjustable in 8 or 4 ways. High quality.
  • 2 Sanwa Denshi LB35 balltops, or Seimitsu LB39, high quality.
  • 4 Sanwa Denshi OBSF/C 24 or Seimitsu PS14 DNK; 24 mm control buttons.
  • 2 START Happ U.S style “old school” with 1 and 2 players patterns. 1 million de clicks guaranteed, high quality.
  • Standard configuration to adapt with :
  • ARCADE BOX REVOLUTION Hard drive 1T. Delivered with all inclusive configuration and integration.
  • or
  • ARKADOR SYSTEM up to 3000 arcade games from the 80s and 90s.
  • Native compatibility PC & MAC
  • PS4 & XBOX 1 in option
  • Original compatibility Jamma/Jvs in option
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