CLASSIC Arcade The authentic arcade machine reinvented

CLASSIC ARCADE, the vintage spirit

The authentic arcade machine reinvented

Let yourself be transported back in time and revisit the history of the Arcade, thanks to its evocative lines
from the golden age of video games.

(Re)discover the charm of the mythical arcade cabinet from the 80s and 90s and rediscover the pleasures of a real arcade video game.

Our Classic arcade machines respect the essential codes and needs of a retro gaming machine by adding high-end components specifically selected to meet professional quality standards!

Our high-end gaming consoles have been designed to meet continuous and intensive use!
The performance level of the components will meet the expectations of all gamers!

According to your desires we offer two ranges of arcade machines: ESSENTIAL and TURBO.
The ESSENTIAL range gathers the essence of the arcade, in a standardized and simplified version,
while keeping the authenticity and an original quality.
The TURBO range, will delight the most demanding players, it includes the best of the available options for an unmatched experience.

  1. Our machines are equipped with a 24" Pro gaming monitor in Full HD for a better experience
  2. (Re)discover your favorite soundtracks with a powerful stereo system, with front panel volume control. And for even more bass, choose the TURBO version: equipped with a subwoofer to boost your games.
  3. Take control with Japan Arcade-style joysticks and buttons in the ESSENTIAL version, or with genuine Seimitsu professionals in the TURBO version, for high durability, competitive response time, and a wide selection of colors.
  4. Durable stainless steel control panel with hand-made silk screen prints
  5. Vintage inspired cabinet design with backlit Old School Marquee or a custom neon sign
  6. USB ports for additional controllers
  7. Coin acceptor for Neo Credits or real currency, just like in the arcade rooms
  8. All our machines are equipped with the Arkador system compatible with more than 3000 arcade games. And if that's not enough for you, add the optional Neo Game System, a console optimized for our kiosks, giving you access to more than 40 emulators/up to 10,000 compatible games and direct access to STEAM for recent games. In TURBO mode, have native Switch, PS4 and Xbox Series compatibility.

Neo Legend’s collections

Find memorable video game, geek culture, street art and pop culture themes on our arcade machines through our exclusive artist collections.
Neo Legend offers you high-end game machines in collaboration with famous artists, appropriating the lines and colors of this mythical object.

Discover all of our classic gaming cabinet collections and enter the world of the arcade to share our passion for gaming!

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Customize your Classic Arcade gaming machine ESSENTIAL (optional) or in TURBO (included),
changing almost every element of the arcade cabinet.

Get your dream machine by customizing
appearance: our graphics team is available to create the
available to create the look of your machine.
You can also choose one of our machines from the catalog of artists in exclusive collaboration with Neo Legend. Also choose the color and type of button (silent or not) and add a custom neon.

In addition to the aesthetics, you can configure the interior of your machine to meet all your expectations. Add compatibility with Switch, PS4/Xbox series consoles to your arcade machine. You also have the option of adding our Neo Game System for access to Steam and many more games.

As you can see, our vintage spirit arcade boxes are fully customizable and will always meet your every desire.

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Technical specifications
  • Standard Pro Gaming Monitor: Screen frequency 60Hz Dale IPS Retro lighting WLED Contrast ratio 1000:1
  • 24 inches ( 61 cm diagonal ) - Format 16/9 " wideview " 178° viewing angle
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 - Full HD ( without latency)
  • Pixel Match Technology (ultra low latency gaming type).
  • Multiple HDMI inputs in TURBO version.
  • Built-in 2.1 CLASS D 25-watt stereo amplifier
  • 2 speakers10 cm in diameter
  • 1 20 cm diameter subwoofer in TURBO version
  • Volume adjustment potentiometer accessible at the control panel
  • "Smart Connect"3 front panel USB ports for additional controllers
  • Mechanical tokenizer NL "1 corner" (20 included)
  • 120mm / 12 volt silent exhaust fan
  • Led Marquee backlighting
  • 2 ON/OFF switches with "safe protect" fuse (internal and external)
  • Power supply 100-240 volts 50-60Hz
  • Consumption 200 watts without game system
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  • Markless metal panel with high quality serigraphy
  • White serigraphy for the controllers’ pattern.
  • High quality wood structure made of eco-friendly high density melamine and manufactured in France.
  • Original “T-molding” rubber 19 mm.
  • Old School “Marquee” (4mm).
  • Parsol bronze tinted glass 4 mm to a better contrast and a better reflects management.
  • 3 access locks with 2 keys supplied.
  • 4 plastic handles for carrying (2 at the back and 2 below).
  • 2 wheels for transport at the back.
  • 2 mounting feet adjustable on the front.
  • 175 cm (H). 64 cm (L), 79.5 cm (P)
  • 90 Kg
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  • In the ESSENTIAL version: 2 x 8 buttons Type Arcade Japan. 2 joysticks Type Arcade Japan. 2 balls Type Arcade Japan. 4 buttons Type Arcade Japan. 2 buttons START U.S style "old school" with patterns 1 & 2 players.
  • TURBO : 2x8 Professional Japanese buttons Seimitsu PS14 KN. 1 million clicks guaranteed. 2 Professional Japanese joysticks Seimitsu LS32-01. Adjustable in 8 or 4 directions. 2 Seimitsu LB39 balls. 4 Seimitsu PS14 DNK Professional Japanese control buttons. 1 million clicks guaranteed. 2 START U.S. style "old school" buttons with 1 & 2 players patterns.
  • In the ESSENTIAL and TURBO versions, you will find the Arkador System, compatible with more than 3000 arcade games from the 80s and 90s, using the USB manager to edit your list of retro games. And if these 3000 games are not enough for you, add the Neo Game System as an option, a console compatible with our machines, giving you access to more than 10000 games and an access to Steam, for more recent games.
  • With TURBO Get native PC & Mac compatibility, native Switch, PS, PS2, PS3 compatibility.
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Vous l’avez compris, l’univers Neo Legend c’est le retro gaming de qualité professionnelle. Pour nous, ce qui fait la différence ce n’est pas seulement le format de la borne, mais bien ce qui la compose.

Ainsi, en plus de développer et de fabriquer différents modèles de bornes d’arcade nouvelle génération, nous avons choisi de proposer des bornes de jeux haut de gamme tant au niveau de leurs composants et de leur fabrication qu’au niveau de la personna

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Qui n’a jamais rêvé de jouer sur une borne d’arcade vintage le temps d’une soirée ou d’un week-end ? Pour répondre à toutes vos envies, Neo Legend propose la location de borne d’arcade pour les particuliers. Pour un jour, un week-end et plus si affinité !

Lorsque l’on investit dans une borne d’arcade que ce soit en tant qu’entreprise ou particulier, l’une des interrogations récurrentes est la consommation de celle-ci. Neo Legend met un point d’honneur a proposé des produits haut de gamme et peu énergivores pour l’environnement, mais aussi pour votre facture d’électricité.

Contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait croire, les bornes de jeux sont des produit

Neo Legend assure un service complet pour vos machines d’arcade Neo Legend. Ainsi, vous pourrez profiter de nos services complets à destination des professionnels et particuliers.

Découvrez les conditions de livraison, installation et maintenance de nos bornes d’arcade haut de gamme.

Vous êtes une entreprise ? Nous proposons également la location et l'achat pour les professionnels. Découvrez des offres penser pour les professionnels !

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