Artists & Collabs

Video Games is the 8th Art.
Your NEO LEGEND arcade cabinet is its symbol.

We work with graphic designers, musicians and artists from around the world, to constantly innovate all our product range and to offer you a wide choice of unique visual universes.

Discover our "collab's” exclusives with selected well-known artists !

  • Greg « Léon » Guillemin

    He doesn’t claim to be an artist, but rather an “eclectic graphical gamer" thus highlighting graphics to define himself and the games that he constructs.

    Today, "Leon", his nickname, is recognized in the new technology and media world as one of the leading faces in "geek art", the type of art in the computing, gaming and SF environments.


    Gustave is a "creative” studio founded by two brothers. Their goal is to make "great stuff"!

    Additionally, one of the founders comes from the illustration and graphic fields, the other founder comes from the field of animation.

    Their purpose, motivated by traditional craft, is to produce the most creative works.

  • Butcher Billy

    Superheroes, rock stars, icons of the 20th century : the work of Butcher Billy is a true brewing of popular culture in all its forms.

    Throughout his subversive collection, we meet legends of music transformed into heroes of literature, Albert Einstein in emoticon or John Lennon in fan of the Arctic Monkeys:
    No one escapes the sharp pencil of this Brazilian illustrator.

  • Yoko Honda

    Yoko Honda is a Japanese illustrator who is very inspired by 80s’ designs, he produces cool, kitsch graphics, recreating the aesthetics of the "Miami Vice” years.

    His drawings depict saturated landscapes populated with palm trees, neon lights and azure motel swimming pools embellished with a little dash of Memphis, a design and architectural trend in vogue during those years.

    • Kavinsky

      Kavinsky chose the MINI ARCADE terminal:
      Custom Decor KAVINSKY OUTRUN //
      Transparent red and blue backlit buttons and joysticks.

      Sometimes he would like to put it in the trunk of his Ferrari Testarossa!

      Sold Out
      • Mouloud Achour

        Mouloud chose the VIZION STREET FIGHTER IV
        Transparent buttons backlit blue and red
        V-SHAPE White.

        Arcade TV show on Canal +!

        Sold Out
      • Denver: The last dinosaur!

        Back to 90s thanks to our collaboration with Dansleau, for an official POCKET ARCADE model of the legendary DENVER : the last dinosaur, and it's available on our website!

        Denver, the last dinosaur (Denver, the Last Dinosaur) is a 52-episode, 20-minute American animated television series created by Peter Keefe, broadcast in the United States from April 11, 1988 to December 8, 1989. In France, the series was broadcast from March 20, 1989 on FR3 in the show Samdynamite, then in the show Minikeums and TO3.

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