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The Classic Arcade machine is the retro model by excellencethe most faithful to the 80s and 90s.

Alone, in couple or in family, you will return to the sources of the video game!


Find in our arcade machines, the quality, the modernity and the aestheticism for an unmatched gaming experience.


Choose from our catalog one of the exclusive artists' decorations or choose a custom graphic design made by us.


Our Arkador system, compatible with up to 3,000 games, is included in every arcade. And for even more games,

add the optional Neo Game System to expand and refresh your game library with the Steam platform.


According to your desires, we offer two ranges of arcade machines: ESSENTIAL and TURBO.
The ESSENTIAL range gathers the essence of the arcade, in a standardized and simplified version,

while keeping the authenticity and an original quality.


The TURBO range, will delight the most demanding players,

it includes the best of the available options and better components for an unmatched experience.

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