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The company, set up in 2007 by three enthusiasts, initially renovated arcade machines for the collectors market, and enriched by this unique experience, has been developing a range of new generation products since 2013.

Created and brought to life by a team of fans, Neo Legend is developing rapidly, aiming to innovate and, above and beyond “retrogaming”, to breathe new life into a machine that bears witness to the history of video gaming and acts as a platform for the games of the past just as the games of tomorrow, which will continue to fill gamers throughout the world with enthusiasm !

Our believes

Want to rediscover the true video game passion in a simple and entertaining way ?

Our collection, reminiscent of the past, propels the arcade machine into the future by equipping it with the most modern technologies, for the great enjoyment of gamers and the passionates. Thanks to professional quality equipment, giving access to the best of "retrogaming" and modern games, the NEO LEGEND collection is the promise of a unique and authentic experience.

Putting all that is Arcade back in to the Arcade is our passion.

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The whole Neo Legend experience is reflected in the design of original products, inspired by legendary models revisited with passion. While respecting the codes of the period, our machines contain the best current technology. designed and assembled in our workshop in France, our products are of the highest quality, reliable and contemporary.

Handcrafter in France


All of NEO LEGEND’s products are covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our machines have a 1-year guarantee for parts and labour in France and the rest of the world.

For true peace of mind, you can also choose to extend the guarantee, as well as professional maintenance packages.

We deliver your machine at home in France andaround the world, and together we choose a delivery date.

We deliver our machines safely around the world, and we arrange a precise delivery date with you.

If your appliance is still under guarantee you can contact us by email at sav@neo-legend.com or by telephone for a fast response to your demand.

If your appliance is no longer under guarantee, thank you for sending an email to: info@neo-legend.com. We will establish a repair cost estimate, including parts and labour.

Accessories and other replaceable parts directly by the user are available on Neo Legend’s accessories page.

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Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. 

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"High quality product, the work is here, my arcade machine is beautiful and unique because it was customized with precise finishes."

"Very welcoming team, accurate answers, really awesome products. They are really in fond of arcade and “retrogaming."

"I got an arcade box and I’m not disappointed at all ! By the way the delivery was really quick ! The team remains available whether it’s on phone or email. Honestly I’m 100% satisfied and I would recommend Neo Legend to everyone !"

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