We prepare all of our products in accordance with the highest standards. However, in the case of a mechanical, electronic or computer system fault, the product is under warranty in accordance with the following terms and conditions set by Neo Legend. 


This product is guaranteed by Neo Legend against any material or workmanship defaults, default in its production, throughout the duration of the warranty, from the date of initial purchase or from the delivery date. 
The International Warranty covers all the costs associated with restoring a faulty product to its original working order including repairs, workmanship and the possible replacement of faulty parts. Neo Legend reserves the right to choose to offer a replacement product instead of repairing the faulty product. Neo LegendÕs duties under this warranty are limited exclusively to this repair or this replacement. 
This warranty is valid worldwide and your product will therefore be able to be repaired wherever you are. You must, however, pay the shipping costs to get the product to your local after-sales center. 
The warranty is only valid for the initial buyer or recipient of the product. 


Whilst any company can carry out maintenance and repairs on your product outside of the warranty, Neo Legend does however require you to go to a Neo Legend approved after-sales service to carry out repairs under the warranty. Badly carried out repairs or inappropriate repairs will result in this warranty being void. 
Neo Legend is under no obligation to repair or exchange a product which does not have necessary proof of purchase with it. It is therefore important that you keep your bill. 
This warranty only covers manufacturing faults and excludes damage caused by excessive use, negligence, accidents or exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acid, water or damage which occurred during transportation. 
This warranty is not applicable to packaging or transportation issues during the shipping of the product by its owner. It also does not include normal wear and tear of the product, or the following scenarios: 
- Penetration of water, dust or insects into the product, 
- Damage due to an impact, or a power surge, 
- Any accident related to a fire, a flood, etc., 
- Professional use or use at a workplace, 
- Damage resulting from lightning or over-voltage, 
- Specific damage or dysfunctions due to use with a voltage or electronic frequency which does not comply with the one specified on the data label or on any other local specification. 

Incidental or consequential damages are completely excluded from the guarantee. Labour costs and damages attributed to work performed by anyone other than an after sales team are not covered by this warranty. To the extent permitted by applicable law, implied warranties are excluded. The warranty provided is limited to the value of the product. Manufacturing specifications are subject to modifications without notice. 


This guarantee is intended to provide you specific legal rights. In addition to the rights specified here, it is possible that you also have other rights, which vary from one state to another or from one country to another, as to the exclusion or application of implied warranties, incidental and consequential damages and repair and replacement clauses. It is therefore possible that as such limitations or exclusions specifically contained in this warranty may not apply to your situation. This Neo Legend International Warranty does not affect the legal rights enjoyed by every consumer locally, which cannot be excluded or limited, nor legal rights to a distributor from whom the product was purchased. The consumer can make use of these rights of their fact alone. 

To obtain warranty-related services with an after sales care team, you will need the product serial number and proof of original purchase. The after sales care team will then determine if the problem is covered by the Neo Legend warranty or not. If the warranty is applicable, we will tell you if the product will be repaired or replaced. Such repair or replacement will be carried out by Neo Legend, including costs required to send you the repaired product or replacement product. If the product needs to be replaced and an identical product is no longer available, Neo Legend will substitute it with a comparable Neo Legend product. 


Firstly, refer to your owner's manual and check that everything is as shown. 

Then check our FAQs on the Neo Legend site to find answers to the most frequently encountered problems.

If your problem persists, please contact us by email at: describing as precisely as possible the nature of the problem and specifying: the serial number of your product and a phone number where you can be reached, if you would like a callback. Feel free to attach an explanation or photos to describe the problem. A case number will be assigned to track the resolution of your problem. You will be contacted by one of our technicians within 48 hours (except Saturday and Sunday). A copy of your proof of purchase may be requested. 

This warranty is insured by Neo Legend, 71 rue Crozatier, 75012, Paris, France. 

Accessories and other parts which can be replaced by the user can be purchased in the online store on the Neo Legend site.