Extended Warranty

The Neo Legend warranty extension extends your warranty by 24 months, on spare parts and labour. It is enhanced with assistance, valid in France and abroad, for true peace of mind. 

By subscribing to the extended warranty, you will benefit from: 

  • Automatic activation upon expiry of the manufacturerÕs warranty, 
  • The extension of the hardware warranty against defects and hardware failures for an additional period of 24 months, 
  • Email and/or phone email support for the duration of the contract in case of problems, throughout the duration of the contract in case of problems, 
  • Free transferability to your buyer in the case of resale of the terminal. When changing the owner of an arcade terminal covered by the warranty, the warranty is transferred to the new owner, 
  • Possible software updates are provided (the supply of these new updates does not include their installation). However, new versions of software, and new features which are the subject of a new module in the Neo Legend catalogue. 
  •  A 20% discount on technical assistance which is not covered by the Neo Legend warranty, billed at the current rate. 

Your request for additional two-year warranty extension can only be registered during the first year following the purchase of your product(s). After this period, the warranty extension application will no longer be valid. You can request your extended warranty directly on our online store.